Recipes handed down from generation to generation born from an English kitchen.

This cream was created out of love for the family.

1947, West London suburbs.
It was born when a boy studied the herbs in his garden and gave his sister, who had weak skin, a homemade cream for her birthday based on a recipe that was still "grandma's wisdom".
Later, the cosmetics, which became popular through word of mouth, crossed the ocean and landed in Japan.

Sanders Perry skin care products, made with lemon, avocado, honey, agar, and other ingredients are so natural you could almost eat them, "contain no synthetic surfactants, no synthetic fragrances, no mineral oil, no colorants, no parabens, no alcohol. "

We will continue to pursue higher quality and "skin-friendliness" at the food level.
Based on the philosophy of maintaining beauty and health, these natural cosmetics focus on gentleness that can be applied to all types of skin with the power of plants.


Features of Sanders Perry Cosmetics


Kanten(agar) is an excellent skin-friendly beauty ingredients.


Traditional "original agar emulsification technology”.

Mr. Harrington focused on the pseudo nature of the composition of the human body (blood, lymph fluid, etc.) and seawater.
After much research, he succeeded in emulsifying it with agar.

Our unique new emulsification method, which does not use petroleum-based surfactants, has enabled us to create natural cosmetics that are comfortable to use.


Selected botanical ingredients to maintain healthy skin


To support the skin's natural power to become beautiful by combining more than 30 carefully selected plants.※
We combine plant oils and plant extracts in each of our items to support skin strength.
※All Sanders Perry Cosmetics products

We also use extracts from JAS-certified organic plants grown on our own farm, the Akeno Herb Farm, as ingredients in some of our cosmetics.


A Pleasant Fragrance Essential Oil


Our agar-emulsification technology keeps the essential oils we use fresh, so the fragrance is always clear.

You can enjoy skincare time with a natural fragrance that will satisfy both your skin and your mind.